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AMSOIL Dealer Application

Once you have decided to take advantage of the many benefits of becoming an AMSOIL dealer, we are ready to assist you.

AMSOIL Also Means Opportunity

AMSOIL products are sold through independent Dealers. People like you. People who want extra money, something to do in their spare time, or even as a full-time business.

You can start an independent AMSOIL Dealership for only $49.95 US (Canada $64.95)

Your AMSOIL Dealer registration covers the cost of your 1st year registration, plus the AMSOIL Dealer Kit which includes:
  • Dealer Quick-Start Guide (G3472)
  • Welcome Letter
  • Wholesale Price List (G3500/G8500), Dealer Profit List (G3501) and Literature and Sales Aids Price List (G15)
  • One bottle of P.I.® Performance Improver Gasoline Additive
  • One bottle of Quickshot®
  • Two 1.5-oz. Pillow Packs of SABER® Professional 100:1 Synthetic 2-Stroke Oil
  • One can of Metal Protector
  • New Dealers also receive full access to the Premium Dealer Zone and all levels of AU Online training. 
 Put in as much -- or as little -- time into it as you want; and earn commission on direct sales as well as from purchases made by any "Commercial" or "Retail" Accounts that you sign-up.

There's always plenty of support, never any hassles. No quotas to fill. No inventory requirements. You're your own boss. It's the ideal business opportunity. There are also many tax benefits to operating your own business.

You can establish Commercial and Retail accounts as well as sell direct to individuals or businesses. It's up to you: extra money; a full-time income or rock-bottom prices on AMSOIL products.

Business Opportunity

The outstanding products offered by AMSOIL comprise a rock-solid base upon which to build your business.

The current trend in the U.S. and Canada is toward small business. Owning your own business guarantees you the freedom to work on your own terms and the opportunity to set your own goals. AMSOIL offers all the advantages of a franchise without the large initial investment. There are many advantages to the AMSOIL opportunity that you simply won't find in other business opportunities:

  • Minimal start-up fee
  • No inventory requirements
  • No territory restrictions
  • No capital investment in office or warehouse space
  • No employee expenses or requirements
  • No minimum quotas to fill

And above all, AMSOIL provides Dealers with an excellent support system to help them develop their businesses. Brochures, tapes, regular meetings, technical services;-- everything you need to begin and build your business is available from AMSOIL.

Amsoil Dealer Application forms are now completed directly on line using the link below. 

(Follow the link above to complete your amsoil dealer registration)
Become an amsoil dealer today!

Within about a weekyou will receive your AMSOIL folder with all the information that you will need to get started, along with your Z.O. number which is your own dealer account number with AMSOIL. Of course, I will also be available and happy to help out with questions as we go along.

As an AMSOIL dealer you will earn income in four ways:

1) Direct sales: (approximately 25% profit) 
2) Signing up "Retail" accounts and earn 15% commission based on their purchases.
3) Signing up "Commercial" (fleet) Accounts such as trucking companies, taxi fleets or other businesses using AMSOIL for their vehicles or equipment. (earn 15% based on their purchases) 
4) Signing up new AMSOIL dealers who would like the opportunity to work independently and create their own business as AMSOIL dealers. Bonus commissions vary dependent upon their level of sales.

Get in Touch!

I look forward to working with you as you begin this exciting opportunity as an AMSOIL Dealer. Please feel free to contact me at any time by phone (toll free) 1-888-476-0545 or via e-mail at
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