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This summer’s the time to leave the road and take the trail by riding your ATV! Thus, make sure to stay safe by following the safety measures listed below by Jim Ackney in Edmonton.

Have you ridden your ATV this summer? Needless to say, this season is the best to enjoy the fresh air and explore the outdoors with family and friends; plus, the adrenaline that comes along with ATV riding makes up for an exciting summer adventure. Of course, you must make safety a priority to ensure a fun experience. To that end, today's post by Jim Ackney in Edmonton will share the top safety practices you must follow to make the most enjoyment out of your next ATV adventure.

Always Wear a Helmet

When it comes to ensuring ATV safety, wearing a helmet is the golden rule. Generally speaking, helmets contain a thick foam that protects your head from impact by providing controlled braking; thus, helmet usage can make a huge difference when a trail hazard comes along. Of course, no rider wants to encounter a high-risk situation through the trails; however, accidents occur. Therefore, make sure to prevent or minimize head and neck injuries by wearing a helmet each time you ride an ATV.

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Wear Protecting Clothing And Gear

Riding an all-terrain vehicle exposes you to the trail's elements, this means you could get injured by branches, sticks, or flying rocks throughout the path. Yet, learning what to wear comes in real handy to avoid scratches and injuries. To that end, here's the riding gear you should wear:
  • Riding goggles: Good visibility is essential to ride an ATV; even so, your eyes could get irritated with flying bugs, dust, or other airborne debris by speeding through the trails. To prevent this situation, we suggest you use a comfortable and fitting pair of off-road goggles.
  • Boots: Riding an ATV through turns, hills, or challenging terrains requires you to be active with your feet and legs, shifting your weight to maintain good traction; to that end, wearing riding boots provides good ankle support and strength.
  • Pants and long sleeves: Covering your whole skin with long sleeves and pants not only protects you from scratches and cuts, but it's also more comfortable.

Ride Sober

Could you imagine riding at 50 or 60 miles an hour after drinking? Needless to say, it could lead to a potentially fatal outcome. Keep in mind that alcohol affects many cognitive skills required to ride safely; in other words, impairs your balance, causes blurred vision, decreases your coordination, and slows down your reflexes. So, to improve your safety on the trails, make sure to ride completely sober.

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Learn About Your ATV

In order to give your ATV proper use and care, make sure to familiarize yourself with its tech specs. You can start by looking through your quad's warning labels. These guidelines provide information about your vehicle's operational limitations; for instance, most ATVs can't operate at hills steeper than 25°; not knowing this about your all-terrain vehicle could lead to overturning. Plus, since keeping your quad in great shape improves safety, you can also refer to your operator's manual to learn about your ATV's maintenance and service requirements.

Inspect Your Quad Before You Ride

No rider wants to be left stranded in the wilderness with a broken ATV; therefore, it's vital to prevent any mechanical inconvenience by inspecting your quad before each ride. That being so, here are the main components you must check:
  • Tires: Since off-road trails have bumpy, muddy, and often rocky terrains, it's important to keep your tires in mint shape to perform. To that end, grab a low-pressure gauge and measure each tire's air pressure. Make sure they have the operational pressure shown on your operator's manual.
  • Brakes: Riding with faulty brakes is a high risk no one should take; therefore, make sure your ATV's brake controls are adjusted enough by following your owner's manual indications.
  • Gas tank: Before each ride, check on your gas tank to ensure it has enough fuel for the day.
  • Air filter: Since your engine requires clean air to run, check its air filter regularly to avoid it from getting clogged.
  • Lights: Make sure all the vehicle's lights are working by testing them on and off.
  • Fluids: Keep your quad's engine properly lubricated by checking its oil, coolant, and diff levels.

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