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Driving while exhausted can be an incredibly dangerous practice. For that reason, you should avoid it at all costs. For tips on how to stay safe behind the wheel and avoid drowsy driving, read this post by Jim Ackney in Edmonton.

It has happened to all of us: maybe you're driving at night, maybe you've been behind the wheel for long hours, or maybe you haven't been getting enough restful nights lately; whatever the case, you end up feeling incredibly tired behind the wheel. As you can probably guess, this is extremely dangerous. When you're feeling drowsy, your senses dwindle, your ability to react to certain situations does, too. In the end, you're incapable of controlling the incredibly threatening machine your vehicle can be. This can result in you crashing into something or someone, causing yourself and others harm. So, needless to say, falling asleep behind the wheel is not something you should ever do. If you're wondering how to avoid it, the post below will share some tips on how you can avoid drowsy driving.

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How to Avoid Tired Driving

Try to Stay as Healthy as Possible

If the reason why you're feeling drowsy behind the wheel is that you haven't been taking good care of yourself, then you should change that. Believe it or not, driving requires a large amount of brain power (to stay focused on the road,  to react appropriately, etc.). This means that if you haven't been sleeping enough, eating well, drinking enough water, and doing physical activities, your body and mind may not be as ready for the challenges that driving entails.

Plan Your Drives

If you already know you'll have to be driving for a long time, or driving late at night, then it's important that you plan your drives effectively. Knowing where you're going, what route you're taking, how much time it will take you to get there, and more, can help you avoid tired driving. If you'll be driving for a long time, leave with plenty of time, so you can stop to rest whenever you need it without feeling pressured for time.

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Keep Yourself Entertained

Being alone in a car can get boring pretty fast (especially if the road you're driving down is calm and lonely). The bad news is that this could interfere with your focus and it may even make you feel tired and sleepy. That's why, you should be entertained to keep your energy up (keep in mind: not to a point where you're distracted). You can listen to music, the radio, or talk to your copilot to keep you up. Just be sure this won't interfere with your driving.

Avoid Fast Remedies

To some, the answer to being tired behind the wheel is taking a few fast remedies to stay up. This can be anything from caffeine, sugary drinks or snacks, to over-the-counter pills. However, trusting these methods isn't the best answer. In fact, while they can provide a boost of energy, you may experience a serious crash after taking them. That's why you should avoid those options and, instead, try to stop somewhere safe for a while and rest to recharge your battery before keeping going.

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Pass the Burden to Someone Else

This next tip to avoid drowsy driving isn't always viable, but if you have the option, it can be a lifesaver. Basically, if you're driving with other passengers, and you start to feel your energy dwindle, you can pass the driving burden to somebody else. Of course, this person should be up to the task (be well enough to drive) and have what's required by law (a license, the right age), but if you still have a long way to go, it can be incredibly helpful.

Make a Stop to Rest

Finally, the most obvious but the best advice you can give someone to avoid tired driving is to simply stop to rest if they feel their energy diminishing. Finding a rest stop, a safe place, or even a motel if you're on the road, and taking a quick nap, can make your travels to your destination longer, but it will make them a lot safer, too.

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