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ATV Size, Style and Safety

ATVs come in all different sizes from small electric quads for toddlers to large and fast ATVs for adults only. Riding ATVs for recreation is not new. In fact, Suzuki introduced the first four-wheeled ATV called the Quadrunner designed purely for recreation in the mid-1980’s, and Honda started selling a three-wheeled cycle before that.

Sport ATV

While ATVs are considerably safer and less prone to roll-overs and flip-overs than their earlier predecessor the three wheeled Honda ATC, they can still be dangerous. They require more interaction than simply steering and throttle and brake inputs like you would normally use in a car. Sports ATVs are very light, and they MUST be physically ridden. They have two wheel drive with a lower center of gravity and accelerate very quickly to speeds of over 112 kilometers per hour.

Body Movements

To properly maneuver an ATV, you have to use your body to lean, similar to the way you use your body to turn, stop and start a motorcycle. For that reason, the size of the ATV you ride should be completely dependent on your physical size, age, strength and riding ability.

Safety First

As with anything we do, especially motorsports related, it is very important to have proper training and experience before attempting to ride one of these highly technical machines. The right safety gear is an absolute must no matter what size ATV you'll be riding, including a helmet, goggles, boots, gloves, long sleeve shirt and long pants, and a chest protector.

Room For One

The seats on sports quads are big. No matter what size sports ATV you're on, the seat will look like it's made for two people, but they're not. Sports ATVs are specifically designed for a single rider. The only reason that seat is so big is because you have to move around on the quad to control it properly. Similar to riding a motorcycle, you lean into turns and scoot your body forwards and backwards depending on conditions and traction needs.

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