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Fuel Filter Ratings for your Motorcycle

A proper fuel filter will keep your engine clean without restricting fuel flow. With so many specs on fuel filters, how do you choose between them? This article is a primer on fuel filter ratings and what they mean for your motorcycle.

What is Micron Rating?

The micron rating measures what percentage of particles a fuel filter captures. The higher the rating, the more the filter is cleaning. Follow your manufacturer's recommendations for micron rating, because you probably do not need a really high one.

Calculate Your Flow Rate

To calculate your flow rate, divide your average kilometers per hour by the average kilometers per gallon. The result is the number of gallons per hour at your average speed, or your flow rate. Look for a fuel filter with capacity rating at least double your flow rate, quadruple your flow rate if you operate your vehicle in harsh conditions.

Paper vs Bronze Fuel Filters

Fuel filters come in paper or bronze. Paper cleans better, but restricts fuel flow. Bronze lets some particles through in order to maximize the flow of fuel. For high performance purposes, like racing, you may want to go with the bronze. Speak to an expert to decide which is best for you.  

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