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What to Consider When Choosing Your Transmission

It's one of the first questions that you ask yourself when buying a new car. It is also one of the most important. You want longevity out of your vehicle, so the car you choose needs to match your needs and driving style. If you are stuck in the middle of your decision and are interested in some further information, Jim Ackney has a post which can help.

Ease of Driving

There's no denying that driving an automatic is easier than a manual. With no gears to shift, and the ever advancing technology being included in modern cars, driving an automatic has never been so easy. Automatic cars tend to suit motorists who prefer an easy drive or those who do perform a lot of city driving and don't want to spend most of their time changing gears. In addition to this, if you expect to be stuck in traffic often, then an automatic can provide a more comfortable experience as you simply need to remove your foot from the brake pedal each time traffic moves.


If you are looking to get the most power out of your car, then you may want to lean towards a manual transmission. With complete control over the transmission, you can leverage your gears to obtain more torque and driving power. This isn't to say that an automatic transmission can't deliver power; only that you have more control over the power produced with a manual transmission.

Mechanic Costs

While not true in every case, as a whole, a car with a manual transmission is easier to service and repair than one with an automatic transmission. Not only can this can lead to a reduction in the amount of time your car needs to spend at the mechanic, but also a reduction of how much you need to spend during each visit. Both transmissions require servicing and utilize transmission fluid to operate. To get the best engine fluids for your car, speak with Jim Ackney at (780) 476-0545 and ask about the range of AMSOIL engine lubricants and fluids available. If you prefer to do your research online, the online store has information on each product.


How well your car handles depends on your driving style and the availability of torque and power when needed. This is a great advantage of having total control over the gear selection, and it can determine how well your steering will perform. With torque playing such a large part of how well your can handle your car, a manual transmission is often a better choice. Additionally, automatic transmissions don't allow for you to anticipate an upcoming gear change and allow you to idle or roll until the next gear is needed. While this isn't a big sticking point, it can be important to some drivers who are looking for greater control over their driving.

Fuel Economy

The price of fuel is something each motorist considers when buying a car, and your transmission choice can play a significant role in how much gas you use. In older model cars, a manual transmission offers more gears to choose from which reduces the instances of wasted power seen with automatic transmissions. However, as automotive technology progresses, many modern automatic cars are competing with their manual counterparts.

Upfront Cost

If you are looking to keep your upfront costs down, then you may want to consider a manual transmission. The difference in price between an automatic and manual could be the decider on whether you can buy the car or not. Keep in mind, however, that if you are looking to resell the car, then you may see a better return with an automatic transmission as many people will purchase an older model automatic as their first car.

Synthetic Oil Change in Edmonton

Whichever transmission you choose, make sure that you perform regular at-home maintenance and use only the best products. To get the right products for your specific vehicle, speak with Jim Ackney at (780) 476-0545 and ask about the range of AMSOIL engine lubricants. In addition to providing engine oil, AMSOIL also offers a range of transmission and brake fluids for a range of vehicles and engine types. If you would like to check out more information, take a look at the online store.

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