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Help Your Engine Perform Better With Synthetic Oil

If you grew up watching your parents fix their cars, then it's likely the only engine oil that you know is conventional oil. In this post, Jim Ackney AMSOIL has some advantages to using synthetic oil to share with you to help improve your engine performance.

Synthetic Oil Performance in Heat

As mechanical technology evolves, so too do the requirements of your engine oil. With average operating temperatures up to 235°F, your oil is susceptible to break down which can quickly lead to oxidation and deposits throughout your engine. When compared to the performance of conventional oil in hot conditions, AMSOIL was shown to keep the engine five times cleaner.

How to Help Your Engine in Cold Conditions

When the cold weather sets in it can cause motor oils to thicken and move slower. The impact of this viscosity change can mean that parts of your engine go unprotected for short amount of time. In cold temperatures, AMSOIL synthetic oil remains more fluid than conventional oils, with easier and faster engine starts of 36%. It is this advantage gives your engine more immediate protection and reduces wear.

Engine Protection in Edmonton

With just a microscopic film separating the metal surfaces throughout your engine from touching, the right oil is crucial to reducing wear on your engine. If you are looking to protect your engine with a high quality and durable synthetic oil, speak with an AMSOIL expert here at Jim Ackney AMSOIL in Edmonton on 780 476 0545 and find the perfect oil for your engine. Our online store also has some great information on the further benefits that synthetic oil can provide.

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