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Learning to ride a dirt bike isn't as easy as it looks. This article provides information on what to expect from a dirt bike, along with advice on how to prepare for your first ride. While nobody is saying that a road bike doesn't come with a certain level of thrill, offroad adventure comes from riding a dirt bike. This lust for excitement often drives (pardon the pun) many road bike riders towards a dirt bike.

Making the Switch to a Dirt Bike

Despite the general idea behind a dirt bike and a road bike being the same, when it comes to riding a dirt bike without falling off, you should keep a few tips in mind. To get you started on the right track (no excuses for that one), Jim Ackney has some information to share.

Read This First

Instead of throwing it away like it includes instructions on how to assemble your furniture, take your owner's manual and give it a read. While it isn't going to teach you how to ride, it is going to tell you valuable information that can keep you safe while riding. You don't need to set aside your weekend but do set aside a couple of hours to get to know your bike a little more before getting on it.

How Do You Look?

Don't worry; you don't need to head out and get all new gear. But, if you are taking your new dirt bike out on to an actual dirt track, you're going to need to think about a few thing, first:
  • Goggles. This very helpful piece of safety gear isn't something which is likely to fit with your regular helmet.
  • Gloves. Your current gloves are likely fitted to your current reach. Be sure that you can comfortably and safely reach your dirt bike handles and levers. Otherwise, it's off to the store for you.
  • Pants and Jacket. You can probably use the ones that you have; but as you'll see below, you're going to need a lot of movement. If your current motorcycle pants don't allow for a lot of movement, consider a purpose designed pair.

If You Like to Tinker, You're Going to Love a Dirt Bike

If you don't, then this might be a deal-breaker. Dirt bike riders can expect to perform much more general maintenance to their ride. Items like:
  • Cleaning and replacing the air filter after every ride or two
  • Cleaning and adjusting the chain and cables
  • Thorough washes and drying after every ride to defend your bike against corrosion and body damage.
When looking for your replacement parts and engine fluids, be sure you get the best. Speak with Jim Ackney at (780) 476-0545 and find out which motor oil is right for your new ride. Of course, with a wide range of AMSOIL products available like AMSOIL's 10W-40 Synthetic Metric Motorcycle Oil, Jim Ackney can also help you take care of your road bike and everyday drive.

Now on to the Actual Riding

The first thing you're going to want to do is stop, and look down. Notice that you don't see the road? This means that if you pull the throttle too heavy, you aren't going to leap're going to spin out and potentially fall sidewards. The trick is to take it easy when you first get started until you become accustomed to reading the terrain and choosing the right take-off speed. Try and find a track with differing terrains, such as mud patches, grass, gravel, and anything else a track offers for you to ride on.

Stay Upright

Seems like second nature to a road bike rider. Of course, so does staying seating for the entire ride and being somewhat comfortable. If you've noticed that dirt bike riders almost always seem to be standing, or at the least, crouching over their seats as their ride, the reason is agility. Instead of a flat road, expect to be constantly changing your center of balance as you ride. More than just your legs, this is going to require upper body and arm strength which you don't use on a road bike. Again, just take it slow when adjusting to changing balance needs. If you can find a long flat surface, try riding in a straight line upright or crouching to help you become adjusted.

Keep Either Bike Running at Its Best With a Synthetic Oil Change in Sherwook Park

Whether you're giving your dirt bike or your road bike some maintenance, or even if it's your regular car, the performance you get out of it depends on which engine lubricants you put into it. To make sure you are using only the best motor oil inside your rides, such as AMSOIL's 10W-40 Synthetic Metric Motorcycle Oilspeak with Jim Ackney at 1 (888) 476-0545 and ask about which AMSOIL engine oil is best suited to your needs.

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