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Do you remember those Hollywood stars riding their motorcycles wearing nothing but a denim and a cigarette? As cool as it looked, it was (spoiler alert!) fake. Those actors sat on prop bikes.

Any real rider will tell you that, if you want to stay safe on your bike while you ride, you need to pay attention to the safety gear you put on your body. After all, unlike a car, you don't a range of technology to protect you and, unlike those Hollywood stars, your motorbike actually moves!

How to Stay Safe on Your Bike

With this in mind, below are some great tips from Jim Ackney about what to wear on your motorbike.


  • Let’s start with arguably the most important part of your body - your head! When it comes to protection, a motorcycle helmet is your best bet. When looking, keep the following in mind:
  • It’s a motorcycle helmet! Not a regular bike helmet. Not a safety-hat from a construction site. And definitely nothing at all! What you put on your head before you ride needs to be a purpose designed motorcycle helmet
  • Be sure it fits well enough to perform its job but is also comfortable enough to encourage you to use it
  • Make sure it can protect you from the elements and potentially keep you cool as you ride
  • If you use a Bluetooth headset, be sure that it will fit or if the helmet comes with one built-in.
  • You are comfortably see through the visor


Once you have your head taken care of it’s time to move down to your jacket. When browsing through jacket options, here are some aspects to look out for:
  • It’s a motorcycle jacket! Not a cool looking denim jacket from your closet. Not a hoodie with your favorite superhero on the back. A jacket which was made for the purpose of protecting a motorcycle rider in the event of an accident
  • Be sure it’s made from the high-quality material such as leather
  • Ensure the stitching is also high-quality so that the pieces still stay together under stress
  • Make sure you can comfortably and safely reach your controls
  • Given you will be wearing it both on and off the bike, be sure that it has sufficient storage options for your personal items
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Now it’s time to move down to your pants. When it comes time to shop for motorcycle pants, here is what you should keep in mind:
  • Yep, you guessed it, motorcycle pants! Not denim jeans which match the jacket mentioned above. Not track pants which are really comfortable. And definitely not cargo shorts. Each time that you get on your bike to ride, no matter the temperature, you should be wearing full-length motorcycle pants
  • Look for pants which include reinforcements which provide additional protection
  • Are made from high-quality material and also high-quality stitching
  • Will protect you from the elements, namely the rain, as you ride
  • While wearing them you can comfortably operate your bike
  • They are comfortable to wear while you aren’t on your bike and offer storage spaces for your items


Last, but certainly not least, are your boots. When looking through the range of boots available, keep the following in your mind:
  • Not that it needs to be said, but let’s say it anyway - motorcycle boots! That’s right! Boots which are made to protect the feet of a motorcycle rider in the event of an accident. Definitely not sneakers!
  • When looking at boots, pick them up and give them a good twist. The more they move means they more your foot will be able to move if you come off your bike. Try to keep it to minimal movement.
  • They cover and provide protection for your ankles
  • They are non-slip and you can use your pedals safely and comfortably while wearing them
  • You can wear them comfortably off the bike

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Of course, there is no safety item that beats your common sense. Each time that you get on the bike, remind yourself that you make the decision on how to ride - so ride safely. When it comes time for motorcycle maintenance, remember that you're only get out what you put in. For this reason, only use the best. Speak with Jim Ackney at (780) 476-0545 about the range of high-quality AMSOIL engine lubricants, designed to help you get the most out of your engine.

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