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Synthetic Oil for Top Engine Performance and Other Engine Maintenance Needs

The engine is the essence and life of your vehicle, so if any part of the engine begins to malfunction, it can lead to a disastrous situation. It is undoubtedly crucial that all aspects of the engine be well maintained at all times and using a synthetic oil can facilitate this task. That is why today at Jim Ackney, we want to discuss the importance of all aspects of engine maintenance including synthetic oil changes.

Check and Change the Oil as Needed

Making sure that the engine has sufficient and effective lubrication readily available at all times is the most important aspect of engine maintenance. Without lubrication, the engine would quickly wear out or even suffer an immediate breakdown. The inside of the engine includes many parts and pieces that are regularly moving and as they do this, they slide past one another. Since this movement is continuous and necessary, the pieces are always facing friction. Adequate lubrication is essential in keeping these parts from scraping and breaking. If the engine is running low on oil, there will not be enough lubrication to coat and protect them. If the oil has been used for too long without replacement, it may be too worn out to properly lubricate and can, in fact, harm the engine with the accumulated soot and breakdown particles. Checking the oil to make sure that there is enough and that it remains in a good state is very important and should be done at least once a month.

Use Quality Synthetic Oil to Preserve the Life of Your Engine

Oil changes should take place regularly depending on several factors. The type of oil you use, the use of your vehicle and driving conditions that it faces are all important factors. The more severe the conditions and the more constant the use of your vehicle, the more often the oil needs to be changed. Using conventional oil will increase the need to change it more regularly. Conventional motor oil contains more fragile components that can wear out faster, making the oil less beneficial to the engine in a shorter period of time, especially when confronted with intense temperatures, or other harsh conditions. The best type of motor oil for all engines regardless of the intensity of the use is full synthetic oil. Synthetic oil revives the engine´s ability to  perform allowing it to combat friction, sludge, and many other harmful elements. The unmatched benefits of AMSOIL synthetic oil offer long-lasting protection for your engine. Buy the best synthetic oil for your vehicle directly from our AMSOIL online store or contact us directly.

Changing the Oil Filter is Also Important

Another important part of engine maintenance is changing the oil filter. Just like it is important to change the oil, the oil filter is a part of the lubrication and protection process of the engine. As the oil lubricates, it picks up dirt, and other particles that may linger in the engine; these are then removed by the filter. As time passes, the particles and sludge that the filter removes accumulate. If the oil filter becomes saturated by these particles, it will loose the ability to retain them and the oil will start carrying it back throughout the engine, promoting sludge build up and even clogs. The best way to make sure that the oil filter works at its best is to have it replaced or cleaned during every oil change. It would be counter productive to have the oil changed if the oil filter remains filthy, as it can quickly begin to contaminate the new oil as well.

Keep the Cooling System in Good Conditions

There are also other important aspects of engine maintenance, among those is the cooling system. The cooling system is in charge of making sure the engine doesn't overheat and that the temperature remains safe for all components of the vehicle. The parts that make up the cooling system are; the radiator, water pump, thermostat, and radiator fluid. It is wise to check that the radiator fluid every so often and add more as needed so that it always remains above the minimum mark but somewhat below the maximum level. For more information on overheating engines read our post here. If any part of the cooling system seems to fail, it is important to have it looked at and fixed by a professional, as this can cause detrimental damage to the engine.

For Your Synthetic Oil Change in Edmonton

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