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The first you want to do when your alarm sounds on a cold morning is to go back to sleep? And while you get the chance to snooze, we expect our cars to start running as soon as we turn the key.

The colder it gets, the more difficult it is for people to get out of bed. And who can blame them? But when it comes to our vehicles, they don’t get a choice and are instead forced to work as soon as you turn the key, no matter the temperature.

Help Your Car Get Started During Cold Mornings

And while you may rely heavily on hot coffee and a nice long shower, these aren’t going to benefit your car’s engine. If you find that your car struggles in the morning, especially when it’s cold, Jim Ackney has a post which can help.

First, a Brief Rundown of What’s Happening Under the Hood

As soon as you turn your key and hear your engine start, a range of metal parts are called into action. This action can include, pulling, pushing, bumping, or even just moving up and down. Whatever it is, it involves metal interacting with metal, and if you can remember back to your high-school science classes, this means friction and damage. Your engine’s best defense against friction damage is the engine oil you put inside it. Once engine oil is circulating through your engine, it provides a barrier between each of the metal parts. When this barrier is in place, instead of your engine parts scraping and grinding against each other, their interactions are smooth and fluid. Not only does this reduce friction, but it also reduces engine damage and engine wear. If you have ever visited your mechanic and heard the term ‘engine wear’, then this is a likely culprit. Click here to buy Signature Series 0W-40 Synthetic Motor Oil and minimize the amount of friction and damage which occurs inside our engine with a synthetic oil change in Edmonton, AB. To learn more about how a synthetic oil change can benefit your engine, check out the online store or speak with a friendly expert on the subject by calling Jim Ackney at (780) 476-0545.

If You Warm up Your Car, Why Is It Cold When You Get Inside?

If you were taught just one lesson when you started learning how to drive, it was to let your car warm up before you drove it. This rule was especially important during cold weather. And while it may make sense on the surface, did you ever question why your vehicle wasn’t warm when you got inside? In reality, warming up your car likely isn’t doing what you think it is. If your regular oil choice is conventional oil then as the temperatures start to dip, the oil begins to clump up and retract from the intricate spaces inside your engine, leaving your engine parts exposed. Until your engine warms up and, in turn, warms your engine oil up so that it can return to a thinner consistency, it can’t provide any protection. This means that, instead of warming up your car, you are really warming up your engine oil. The few minutes, while this occurs, creates two problems:
  1. Until your engine oil is warmed up, your parts are operating unprotected, leading to serious and unnecessary engine wear by way of chipping small shards of metal from each other, eventually requiring each part to be replaced. Not only can this mean an expensive mechanic bill but often time without your vehicle.
  2. As if causing damage wasn’t enough, these small metal pieces can often become lodged in your engine's system, preventing many of your parts from operating correctly or efficiently, effectively reducing your engine performance.

You Can Prevent Engine Damage with a Synthetic Oil Change in Edmonton, AB

The best way to prevent this level of damage and lower engine performance is by replacing your conventional engine oil with a synthetic oil change. Synthetic oil has been designed to maintain its consistency and continue providing protection no matter how long temperatures get. For a motorist, this means that your engine and its parts are protected from the moment you start your engine, which means no more warming up your car before you drive! To learn more about how a quick and easy synthetic oil change in Edmonton, AB can benefit you and your engine, speak with an expert today at Jim Ackney by calling 1 (888) 476-0545. Experts in the field, trust in their knowledge to give you the right advice and help you get the best products for your vehicle.

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