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If you are looking for basic information on how a dirt bike engine works and the benefits of a synthetic oil change, this is the article for you! Keep reading to find out more!

If there was one thing which ever car-owner or driver was taught growing up, it was how to take care of their engine at the most basic level. Maintenance items like changing the oil and keeping the radiator topped up are almost second nature. However, when the time comes for you to step out of your car and get onto a dirt bike, those tips you learned aren’t as useful as you might think.

How to Keep a Dirt Bike Running at Peak Performance

If it’s been a while since you have given your dirt bike any real love and care or you are new to riding and want to find out more about how to keep your bike in good shape, below is a post from Jim Ackney on the power of a synthetic oil change in Edmonton, AB Canada.

The Operational Speed

Take a minute to think about the last types of drives you took in your car. Was it a quick trip to the grocery store to pick up some items you forgot? Perhaps it was taking the kids to school and back. Maybe you even went on a weekend-long road trip with the whole family packed into your car. Whatever it was, if you think about the sounds your car’s engine made during your drive, the chances are that you can’t really remember. That’s because the types of driving you do in your car, matched with the number of gears to choose from, doesn’t put a whole lot of stress on your engine. Now, if you think about the last time you saw somebody riding a dirtbike around a track and the chances are that it wasn’t the quiet affair that you (don’t) remember. Why? Riding a dirt bike is all about torque and quick bursts of acceleration. As you race around the track or even on a dirt or muddy path, it’s the power your bike gives you when you need it which keeps you out of trouble. Or, should we say, keeps you out of a pool of mud. Of course, this comes with a lot of noise which means that the engine is being placed under a lot of stress. Stress it can handle with the right fluid, but stress nonetheless. Click here to buy AMSOIL 20W-50 Synthetic V-Twin Motorcycle Oil and keep your dirt bike's engine running at its best, for longer. Call Jim Ackney today at (780) 476-0545 to learn more about the benefits of a synthetic oil change in Edmonton, AB or check out the online store for further information about the range of engine pol products available for your next synthetic oil change.

How Does Your Engine Handle the Stress?

Mentioned above was that your engine can handle the stress you put it through with the right fluid. The fluid, in this case, is your engine fluid. Also known as lubrication or simply engine oil. While you can’t see it, inside your engine are fast moving metal parts which all interact with each other to keep your bike moving and you out of trouble. Because each of these parts is made of metal, friction quickly builds up leading to potential engine damage and the need for part replacement. To prevent friction from occurring and from the above-mentioned damage from occurring your engine utilizes its own type of engine oil, similar to that which you put in your car (note: the two types are not interchangeable) that keeps everything running smoothly. Literally. By coating each of your engine’s intricate parts and flowing through your engines as it operates, it facilitates smooth and frictionless interactions between your vehicle engine parts. As you likely have guessed, a reduction in friction means a heavy reduction in engine wear and damage.

Keep Your Bike in Good Shape with a Synthetic Oil Change in Edmonton, AB

When it comes to dirt bike maintenance, a rider can expect to do much more than they would with a car. However, as any rider will tell you, the effort is worth it. When it comes time to give your bike maintenance, be sure to boost its performance with a synthetic oil change in Edmonton, AB. Call Jim Ackney at (780) 476-0545 to find out how a synthetic oil change in Edmonton, AB can not only improve the performance of your dirt bike but the range of vehicles in your garage.

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