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There are many occasions in which you should take your car to a mechanic to get it checked or fixed. Some of those occasions can be very costly, and no one wants that. On the bright side, there a many car maintenance and fixes you can do at home by yourself without denting your wallet. Join AMSOIL authorized dealer in Edmonton, Jim Ackney, in exploring some of the DIY car maintenance tips you can perform this summer.
  1. Synthetic oil change: It’s easy to do a synthetic oil change at home with the appropriate safety measures. Just be sure you don’t do it after driving your car, since the oil will be really hot, wait a couple of hours. As for tools, you will need: synthetic oil in Edmonton, oil filter, ratchet, a wrench and a funnel. When you are getting a synthetic oil change in Edmonton, only do it with AMSOIL high quality products. Call Jim Ackney in Edmonton at (780) 476-0545, or visit their online store here to get what you need.
  2. Replacing an air filter: Your car performance and fuel economy can be affected when the air filter is clogged. This is probably one of the easiest DIY car repairs you can do if you want an increase in car power and gas mileage.
  3. Windshield wipers: With the summer rains, you should definitely change your wipers. Simply replace the rubber from the old wipers, you can get them almost anywhere. Check your owner’s manual to see the specific measurements. The tools you’ll need are new wipers and a screw driver.
  4. Headlight bulbs: Burnt headlight bulbs can make night vision difficult, so check the front of your car from time to time. Be sure you are getting the right bulb for your type of car, though.
  5. Brake pads: Brake pads need to have the proper maintenance because they are very important to the brake system. You should keep them in top shape in order to avoid any accidents. The tools you usually need to change them are a c-clamp, Allen wrenches, a lug wrench, a hammer, and a jack.
  6. Fuel filter: Fuel filters are actually pretty cheap and can save you hundreds of dollars in engine damage when changed regularly. They keep the carburetor and fuel injection systems clean and in good shape. Remember, when you are about to change the fuel filter, to release the fuel system pressure, you don’t want to suffer an injury.
  7. Exhaust pipes: Check under your car for broken hangers or pipe holders, they may be the cause of weird noises coming from the back of your car.
  8. Radiator flush: In order to keep a cool engine, the radiator and cooling system should be clean. Over time, radiators start building up deposit that clogs the system. You must regularly do radiator flushes to keep it clean.
  9. Car battery: The battery is the heart of the car; without it your vehicle wouldn’t even start. First, you need to check if the old battery just needs to be charged or if it should be replaced. If it’s lower than 9.7 volts, it should probably be changed. Remember to use gloves and eye protection against acid from the battery.
  10. Blown fuse: Check the car’s fuse box to see if any need replacing. If your headlights are out, that’s probably the reason. Consult your owner’s manual to find where the fuse box is located and what type of fuse you need: glass, blade, or ceramic.
  11. Tires: This is something that as a driver you’ve probably done or seen someone do. It’s just like putting in a spare. You just need the jack and the tire changing tools that usually come with the car. After you replace the tires, you should take your car to a professional to have them balanced.
  12. Thermostat: The radiator thermostat has to be check for leaks. In order to change the thermostat, you must drain the coolant first.

If Your Engine is In Need of High Quality Synthetic Oil in Edmonton

A synthetic oil change in Edmonton can keep you out of a lot of car trouble this summer, or all year round. You can even do it yourself! If you need more information on AMSOIL products and their benefits (such as lower maintenance bills), please call Jim Ackney in Edmonton. The number is: (780) 476-0545 and they will gladly guide you through the products and will share tips so you can keep your vehicle in top shape for longer. You can also visit their online store to order the best synthetic oil in Edmonton, here.

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