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Before Launching Checklist

Taking out onto the lake with the family is thrilling, quality time at it's best. First, take a moment to review your boat checklist for everyone's safety and your boat's protection.

Tools and Spares

Carry a basic toolbox with tools appropriate for your boat. Carry a box of spares including fuel filter, light bulbs, head parts, through-hull plugs, etc. Check to ensure you have a standard first-aid kit onboard

Fuel and Oil

Top off your fuel tanks.If you can't, have enough fuel to provide a reasonable margin of safety for your return. Check the engine oil and coolant levels.

Fire Extinguishers

Carry at least one fire extinguisher and make sure it is accessible. Make sure you have at least the number required by Coast Guard rules. Check to be sure mounts are secure and functional before departure. Take the time to point out locations to passengers and crew.


On any powered vessel or auxiliary powered sailboat, or vessels using LPG for cooking or heat, check that all interior spaces are well ventilated before departure. If fuel smells are detected before ventilating, check after running the blowers for several minutes before starting. If odor persists, shut down the engine and look for the source of the leak. For any enclosed or semi-enclosed area, ensure you have at least one properly installed and working carbon monoxide detector

Synthetic Oil in Edmonton

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