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When it comes to summer road trips, there's nothing quite like taking an SUV off-road to find those really hard to reach places where you, your friends, and your family can camp out and relax without anybody else around.

Make Sure Your SUV Is Ready for the Adventure You Seek

If this type of summer vacation sounds like your kind of trip, there are a few basic steps that you can take to ensure your SUV is ready and up for the challenge. To help get you started, your local AMSOIL dealer, Jim Ackney, has put together a list to help you out.

Check Your Air Filter

Ford Motor Company recommend that you change your air filter between 15,000 to 30,000 miles. However, it is dependent on your vehicle type and driving environment. For SUV owners who see a lot of dirt and dust tracks, it's important to keep an eye on it each time that you head out. A couple of days before your drive, take a few minutes to inspect the quality of your air filter, and if need be, clean or replace it. Starving your engine or air leads to a serious decrease in engine performance and can cause unnecessary engine wear.

Don't Forget Your Oil Filter

Your oil filter is responsible for cleaning your oil before it recirculates it, which is an important task. Many motorists tend to put off checking their oil filter because they think the oil filter is inaccessible. However, the oil filter in most vehicles is very accessible to everyday motorists, and only takes a couple of minutes to check and change and can increase the performance of your engine.

The All Important Fluids

From Stony Plain to Bon Accord, all motorists are aware of their car's need for engine lubricant and the benefits of performing a synthetic oil change. However, there are a number of other fluids which also need checking, especially for SUV owners. Levels such as your engine oil, power steering fluid, transmission oil, brake fluid, and your coolant all need to be checked and topped up before you drive. If your engine oil is looking a bit rough, spending 10 minutes to perform a synthetic oil change can increase your engine performance and decrease engine damage. If you aren't sure which engine lubricant is the right one to use for a synthetic oil change, speak with an expert at Jim Ackney by calling 1 (888) 476-0545. Stocking a wide range of AMSOIL engine lubricants, Jim Ackney has the best deals on synthetic oil change products, and can make sure that you get the right one to make the most of your synthetic oil change in Edmonton.

Suspension and Shocks

The beauty of off-road adventure is that you aren't just driving on a flat and sealed surface. However, this driving activity brings with it driving obstacles, often literal, that you need to address. Before you drive, be sure to check the condition of your suspension and replace your shock absorbers if necessary. While you shouldn't expect a comfortable ride, it can help to keep a good clearance between the ground and your undercarriage.

Lights and Electronics

When driving off-road, the last thing you want is to be limited. Something as simple as a blown headlamp can prevent you from driving at night, increasing the travel time to get to your destination, and preventing you from enjoying night time diving adventures. If any of your lights or electronics show signs of wear, replace them before an off-road adventure, and always carry spares.


Despite tires being one of the most, if not the most, crucial parts when it comes to off-road driving, too many SUV drivers don't pay their tires enough attention. Before you drive, give your tires a thorough visual inspection for any cuts or grazing on the treads and the sidewall. Additionally, research the area you will be driving and be sure to adjust your tire pressure accordingly.

Keep It Clean

A clean SUV isn't just about having a shiny vehicle to drive around in. The amount of dirt and debris that your SUV encounters during an off-road adventure can begin to build up and cause your the body of your vehicle to deteriorate and begin to rust. After each outing,  give your SUV a thorough wash down and dry before you settle in and relax.

Overall Engine Protection With a Synthetic Oil Change in Edmonton

Whether you drive an SUV, a minivan, a sports car, or an everyday sedan, all engines can benefit from a synthetic oil change. The key is to use the right productTake the guess work out of finding deals on synthetic oil change products by calling Jim Ackney at (780) 476-0545. With countless motorists in the Spruce Grove, Calmar, and Lamont areas served, Jim Ackney have the expert knowledge and product range you need to get the most out of your engine.

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