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Riding your motorcycle during the fall season can be fun and thrilling. Still, if you want to remain safe as you ride, you should read and follow the tips in this post by Jim Ackney in Edmonton.

To many people, fall is the best time of the year to ride a motorcycle. This is because the sun isn't as harsh as during the summer season, but the weather hasn't gotten as chilly as in winter. Still, while riding during the fall can be a lot of fun, it comes with its fair share of challenges, too. To learn what a few of them are and how you can remain as safe as possible through them, read the following post.

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How to Be a Responsible Motorcycle Rider This Fall Season

Keep the Tires in Check

The road can change a bit during the fall season. It's more likely to find dirt, dead leaves, and other similar elements on the asphalt. Moreover, the colder weather can also affect the road and your tires' condition. If you're a motorcycle rider, these circumstances can put you at risk, since your tires can skid more easily. For that reason, keep the tires in check, ensure they have the right amount of air and that they aren't worn down. If they are, fix or replace them promptly.

Mind the Battery

It's no secret that you need a properly maintained battery in order to ride your motorcycle safely. Some of its key features (including the head and brake lights) are battery-powered, which means a faulty battery can endanger you tremendously. The colder weather can cause the battery to deplete faster, which is why you need to mind it and check it every so often, so you don't have to deal with a dead battery.

Lubricate the Chain

If your motorcycle has a chain, you should know how important it is. Basically, it is the one responsible for powering the rear wheel, and helping you move to your destination in a smooth manner. Still, the chain should be lubricated regularly, especially during this time of year, as the colder weather can make it lose lubrication faster. This can cause the chain to wear down and fail you. Keep up with the lubrication to avoid a dire situation.

Pay the Mechanic a Visit

Something that will help you keep your motorcycle in mint condition for years to come, regardless of the season or what the weather is like, is visiting the mechanic with regularities. Aside from emergency visits, when there's already an issue with the motorcycle, regular inspections are a must to keep a healthy vehicle. They will be able to find and address any area that requires fine-tuning so your motorcycle can continue rolling smoothly.

A healthy engine can help you have more enjoyable, safe rides on your motorcycle. To that end, use AMSOIL 20W-50 Synthetic V-Twin Motorcycle Oil, the best motorcycle synthetic oil in Edmonton.

Dress Appropriately

The temperature starts decreasing during the fall season. This means that when you're riding, the cold air will hit you incessantly on your face and body. This can result in you developing a health issue, dry skin, or other similar ailment. For that reason, it's imperative that you only ride with your motorcycle with the appropriate gear during the fall season. For example, a riding jacket, long pants, and even a short scarf can help you remain nice and toasty. Just be sure that these items won't interfere with your riding skills.

Be More Aware

You should always ride with your full attention on the road, so you can spot any difficult situations and deal with them appropriately. Still, since the conditions in the fall weather can be a bit harsher, you should be extra careful. As mentioned above, dead leaves can gather on the road, making it more likely that you'll skid. You can also expect an increase in traffic as the holiday season comes closer. To remain safe in these conditions, be more aware of your surroundings.

Winterize It

Lastly, if you know you won't be using your motorcycle as much during the fall/winter, why not winterize it so it can be stored properly? Prepare the motorcycle for its idle period now, so it will remain in mint shape come spring. For example, you'll need a study motorcycle cover, so start getting it now.

Using the best synthetic oil in Edmonton continually will keep your engine powerful for years to come. Call Jim Ackney at (780) 476-0545 or visit AMSOIL's online shop to place an order for it today.


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