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Being on a boat is a fun way to spend the day. However, you never know what can happen as you're out on the water. To be ready to deal with emergencies effectively, read this post that Jim Ackney in Edmonton has for you. 

Being on a boat on a hot summer day, while fun, can be a little bit unpredictable. After all, you're out on the water, away from any medical help or people who can assist you in an emergency. For that reason, you must prepare for the unforeseen circumstances that can take place when you're on your boat (for example, getting lost, getting injured, or having a fire). One way to do that is to have the right emergency tools on the boat with you. If you want to make sure that your boat is fully equipped with the tools to help you deal with difficult situations effectively, continue reading the post below.

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Safety Equipment Your Boat Should Have

Life Jackets and Throw Rings

It doesn't matter if you're an expert at swimming in the ocean; you and everyone on your boat need to have a life jacket on. Plus, there need to be other floating devices on board. You never know who could fall into the water and the conditions surrounding that fall.

Flares, Bells, and Whistles

Flares, bells, and whistles are distress signals that can indicate to other vessels nearby that you need assistance. This can be incredibly helpful if your vehicle has a technical malfunction, if someone gets injured, or if you're lost out on the water.

Anchor and Paddles

Even if they seem to do completely opposite things (anchors are meant to stop a boat while paddles keep it moving), you need to have both of these on the boat. The anchor should be long enough, and paddles will only work if you have a smaller boat.

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Fire Extinguishers

Even if you're surrounded by water, there's still a possibility that a fire will start on your boat. To deal with those safely and keep them from becoming a full-on disaster, you need to have fire extinguishers on board. They should be in good shape, and you should know how to use them.

Medicine and Medical Equipment

People can also experience a medical emergency during their boating adventure. Whether there's an injury or someone got sick, your best bet is to have a fully equipped first aid kit in your boat. This one should also be in good shape, and you should know how to use all the tools in it.

Navigation Tools

Being surrounded by a vast body of water can be confusing. For this reason, you need certain tools with you in case you get lost, and you don't know how to read the starts. For instance, you should have electronic navigation devices, a compass, and a map to get you home.

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Potable Water and Non-Perishable Food

As stated, it's important that you plan for any emergency possible when you're on a boat (for example, if you get stranded out on the water). If that happens, having enough potable water and non-perishable foods for you and your passengers can be a definite lifesaver.

Communication Devices

If you were to have an emergency on your boat, you would need to notify certain people and get help promptly. For both of these cases, you would need to have a communication device with you. Keep fully charged phones and a marine radio onboard just in case.

Miscellaneous Items

Lastly, it's a good idea to have some other helpful tools to get you out of trouble when you're out on the water. A few of the miscellaneous items you should have are a change of clothes, blankets, towels, hand sanitizers, lighters, aloe very, scissors, among others.

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