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The synthetic oil changes are the most important task in your vehicle's maintenance. To learn the signs that let you know when it's time for a synthetic oil change, read this post by Jim Ackney in Edmonton.

Your engine is the most important component in your vehicle, which is why you need to pay special attention to it to guarantee that it remains in mint condition for longer. Part of ensuring this is keeping up with the synthetic oil changes. This is because, as you may be aware, the synthetic oil is in charge of coating, lubricating, and protecting the engine. This helps slow down its wear and tear process, lessen the friction that goes on within its components, regulate the temperature in the engine, smooth out its processes, and help it perform more effectively. Still, time and use can render the synthetic oil useless. This will, in turn, leave your engine exposed and more prone to breakdowns, which can cost you a lot of money, time, and a lot of stress. Now that you know why the synthetic oil changes are important, you should know when exactly you should go through with them. For tips on the matter, continue reading the post below.

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How to Tell if Your Vehicle Requires a Synthetic Oil Change

You've Driven X Amount of Miles on the Same Oil

There is a limit on how many miles you can drive on the same oil before it becomes ineffective. Something to be mindful of, however, is that this number can vary greatly from vehicle to vehicle (depending on their condition, usage, age, and other factors). For that reason, it's imperative that you turn to your owner's manual or that you visit a professional mechanic. Through them, you will get more specific information.

It's Been Over a Year Since the Last Replacement

Time can also take a toll on the synthetic oil's efficiency. That's why, even if you haven't driven your vehicle at all in over a year, it's necessary that you perform a synthetic oil change. If you aren't great at remembering when the last replacement one, start noting them down on a notebook or on your phone, to be more on top of them.

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The Oil is Darker and Coarser

It's important that you check your oil with regularity so you can notice any differences in its texture and color. The oil is normally smooth and with a light brown color. If you notice it's coarser and darker, then it means that it's dirty, which can cause significant damage to the engine. If you notice this, change it immediately.

The Oil is Not at the Right Level

For the synthetic oil to provide the protection the engine needs from it, it needs to be at the right level. To make sure that it is, you should perform a dipstick test every so often. If upon performing the test, you notice that the synthetic oil is under the desired level, top it off. If this happens, however, be sure to check for leaks.

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The 'Check Engine' Sign is On

Your vehicle has a device to tell you when the synthetic oil needs to be changed: the dashboard. For that reason, if you notice that the 'Check Engine' sign is on, then know that a synthetic oil replacement is due. Go through it promptly to avoid issues. Once you do, verify if the sign is off. If it isn't, take your vehicle to a mechanic so they can detect another problem.

Your Engine is Behaving Strangely

Finally, know that your engine can throw a tantrum to let you know it needs new oil. If it starts behaving strangely all of a sudden (it becomes jumpy, it emits weird noises, and more), then it just may be that new oil is in order. However, if the replacement doesn't fix this behavior, schedule a visit to the mechanic promptly to address the issues with a professional.

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