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Giving your home a spring clean is a great way to remove accumulated clutter and improve the space. Why not include your vehicle in this year’s clean?

There’s no denying that regular housework can keep a home looking clean and tidy. However, throughout the year, the space will accumulate clutter and mess, despite your best efforts to keep it looking its best. This is where the yearly spring clean comes in.

Spring Clean Your Car

Just as your home accumulates mess and needs a thorough clean, your vehicle also needs the same treatment. Below is a post from Jim Ackney with tips to get you started.


Your battery is one of the most important aspects of your vehicle. Simple because, if it stops working, your vehicle won’t start. It’s as simple as that. Despite this, most motorists don’t pay their batter enough attention. A visual inspection is all that’s needed to see if there are any problems which you need to address. Otherwise, it could be as little as wiping away build up or grime with a dry clean cloth, or simply noting that the batter is in good condition with no problems. If you can see that your battery is on its last legs and isn’t going to last much longer, consider replacing it sooner rather than later, while you are in your driveway and not in a car park.

Air Filter

It might sound tricky, but replacing your air filter is a task which you can do in your own driveway, and can not only improve the performance of your engine but reduce your mechanic costs. Consult your owner's manual or search online for a tutorial with instructions for replacing your particular air filter.

Fluid Quality and Level

You could have the most advanced engine available or the newest car off the production line, and it would still require a range of oils and fluids to operate. When checking your fluids this spring clean, keep these thoughts in mind:
  • Be sure that you use high-quality products.
  • Instead of just topping up, flush out the fluids and replace them.
  • If you can, clean the containers.
  • Check the condition of your fluid lines and clean if necessary.
  • If you spill any oil during your work, clean it up before moving on.
  • When you are finished, store the remaining fluid upright in your car.
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When you think about it, it’s your wheels and tires which do much of the work while you are driving. After all, without them, you won’t be going anywhere. Despite this, motorists don’t always pay enough attention to their wheels and tires. This spring, set aside some time and keep these items in mind:
  • Set aside a good amount of time. Don’t rush it.
  • If possible, perform the task outside in the bright sun where you can get a better look.
  • Check for cracks, lodged debris, any pending problems, or any areas of your tire without tread.
  • Adjust tire pressure if required.
  • Thoroughly wipe away any grime, dirt, or build up from your wheels and your tires.
  • Since you are in the area, give your brakes a quick check.


The last item on this list is your interior. It’s just as important that you show your interior as much attention as your general engine maintenance. When completing this job, keep in mind that you will only perform the task once a year, so be sure to give it 100% effort. Consider these tips:
  • You will need to remove everything from your car before you start to clean, including personal items and junk.
  • Use the vacuum cleaner attachments you have to reach more spaces, such as where the pedals are located and underneath the seats.
  • Remove seat covers and wash separately, ensuring they are completely dry before reinstalling.
  • Be sure to wash the carpet in your trunk.
  • You can use a very damp clean cloth to remove grime and dirt from rubber seals.

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