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Even though the spring season is the season of rebirth, there are some driving challenges during those months that you have to prepare for. Learn how through this post that Jim Ackney in Edmonton has written for you. 

Each season comes with its challenges for drivers. The winter comes with shorter and darker days which affect visibility and snow that makes the road slippery. During the fall season, there are fallen leaves that can also increase the chances of your vehicle skidding off the road. The intense heat of the summer months can cause the engines to overheat, and the glare from the sun can affect visibility, too. Believe it or not, even though it's the season of rebirth, of flowers blooming, and birds chirping, the spring months also come with their fair share of driving challenges. To ensure you will be ready for them and you will remain safe as you're on the road, continue reading the post below.

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How to Drive Safely in the Spring

Get Ready for the Wet Season

During spring, the leaves grow green, and the flowers blossom. For that to happen, in many places, the spring season is also the wet season. Still, while the water is great for the plants, it can present quite a few challenges for drivers. After all, when it rains, the roads are slippery, and the visibility is reduced. To stay safe during the wet season, do the following:
  • Firstly, you'll have to increase the distance between yourself and other vehicles, since the slippery roads can make stopping harder. The greater distance will help you avoid collisions.
  • On the same subject, you should ensure that the tires and brakes are in top condition, since they will need all the help they can get to stop the vehicle. If they need fixing, fix them promptly.
  • Certain key features in your vehicle need a working battery to function properly. Check that the battery can power the lights, 'defrost' option, wipers, and more elements you'll need.
  • Of course, you will need to inspect the lights (hazards, blinkers, headlights, brake lights, etc.). This way, your visibility won't be compromised. If any of the lights are out, change them out soon.
  • Likewise, in order to be able to see well, you need to have functioning wipers during the wet season. They can get damaged after a few months, so be sure to replace them often.

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Prepare for More Intense Sunshine

As the spring season moves in, the days will start to get longer and brighter. This means that you'll have to deal with increased temperatures and blazing sunshine. Furthermore, if there was any snow left on the ground, you will also have to deal with it melting and changing the conditions of the road. To prepare for these challenges, read these tips:
  • Once more, if you want to be safe when the roads are slippery, you need to allow a greater distance with the objects, people, vehicles, and animals around you, so you're able to stop safely.
  • You need brakes in perfect working condition to deal with the melting ice, too. Inspect the brakes regularly and take good care of the braking fluid, so they won't fail on you at the last second.
  • As the temperatures rise, so do the chances of your engine overheating. One way to keep this from happening is to keep the cooling system in top shape, as it helps regulate the vehicle's temperature.
  • The intense heat can also take a toll on your vehicle's appearance, its exterior and interiors. To keep that from becoming an issue, make use of sunshades and park in the shade whenever you can.
  • Finally, another danger of driving in the hotter months is that it can cause skin ailments, which is why you need to stay covered. To that end, be sure to wear sunscreen, sunglasses, and even driving gloves to keep your skin safe.

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