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If you live in Spruce Grove, Stony Plain or even St. Albert then you're used to the cold weather we all...tolerate when winter comes along. During this time, it's often the warm and inviting embrace of our homes where we spend the most of our time. And with good reason. However, as winter leaves us and the sun begins to shine once again, we start to look outside for our fun and adventure.

How a Synthetic Oil Change in Sherwook Park Is the Perfect Match to Your Regular Spring Clean

And while our first tasks during the start of spring are to give our home and our garden a thorough clean and makeover, our vehicles are often forgotten. For this post, AMSOIL Dealer - Jim Ackney has prepared a post to remind you that your car needs attention too, and incorporating it into your yearly Spring Clean is a great way to keep it performing well and ensuring it's ready to take you on your warm weather adventures.

Start With Your Tires

If your vehicle is more recreational or you have kept it in storage during the colder months then it's likely the tire pressure has become less than ideal. While most motorists don't consider this to be a big problem, the wrong tire pressure can not only make a vehicle harder to steer but can also increase gas consumption due to increased tire-to-road friction. Get out your owner's manual and check it against the actual pressure in your tires. It only takes a couple of minutes to adjust your tire pressure and is a great start to basic vehicle maintenance.

Move on to Your Fluid Levels

Often an aspect of vehicle maintenance left for mechanic visits, maintaining a vehicle's fluid levels is a part of a Spring Clean which everyday motorists are able to take control of. The first place to start is with your engine oil. The quality and level of your engine oil will dictate how smoothly your engine is able to operate and how well it will perform, so always make sure its levels are adequate.  Your radiator is next in line to be checked to ensure it has sufficient water and coolant running through it to keep your engine temperature under control. Important tip - when checking your water and coolant levels, be sure that your engine has had sufficient time to cool down. Your radiator can build up a significant amount of pressure while hot, which can cause injury if released. While it can be tempting to put 'any-old' oil into your car and hope for the best, the wrong engine oil or a low-quality engine oil can result in engine damage and lower performance. To get the right product for your car, speak with AMSOIL Dealer - Jim Ackney who have extensive experience and knowledge in engine lubricants. A quick call to (780) 476-0545 is all it takes to ensure you use only the highest-quality products in your vehicle.

Lights and Accessories

With the larger aspects of your vehicle taken care of it's time to move on to the smaller, yet still important, items of your vehicle maintenance. Start with the lights in and around your car. If your headlamps are looking dull then consider replacing them before they go out completely. When doing this, look for lights which offer a whiter appearance as opposed to the more yellow hue you are likely used to. This can work to increase visibility without requiring additional voltage. While you're doing this, make sure all of your indication lights and brake lights are fully functioning as these are crucial to indicating your driving intentions to other motorists.

A Clean Means a Clean

Of course, it wouldn't be a Spring Clean without cleaning - so get out your vacuum cleaner, some buckets of soapy water, sponges and a hose and get ready to scrub. The most important reason to clean the exterior of your vehicle is to remove stuck-on debris which can lead to corrosion of your paint and frame. Simple cleaning with soapy water and a sponge is all it needs to remove these items, along with a thorough hosing of your undercarriage. When it comes to the interior, a vacuum is the best place to start. Use the accessories which came with your vacuum cleaner to get into the harder to reach places such as between your seat cushions and right down where your foot pedals are along with the center console. If you have any cigarette containers or drink holders then empty and wipe these down with a cloth and some light soapy water.

Finding the Best Synthetic Oil Change Deals in Sherwook Park

Not only are these tips great ways to keep your vehicle in good condition but can also make it more enjoyable to drive when it's time for your next road-trip. If you are new to replacing the fluids in your car and don't know where to start, give AMSOIL Dealer - Jim Ackney a call at 1 (888) 476-0545 and speak about the model of your car. AMSOIL Dealer - Jim Ackney has access to an extensive catalogue of high-quality AMSOIL synthetic oil products including the fluids mentioned above and can ensure you get the right one for your vehicle.

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