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The engine is probably the most important part of your vehicle. If you don't do a good job at maintaining it and providing the synthetic oil changes it needs, you'll find tips on how to improve in this post by Jim Ackney in Edmonton.

The most important part of your vehicle is the engine, as it is the one in charge of getting you moving from one place to another. To perform this arduous task, the engine needs synthetic oil that can coat its components, lubricate and protect them. This helps it work smoothly and prevents wear and tear on its parts. That's why, probably the most important maintenance task you should keep up with, is changing the synthetic oil for your engine. Still, if you already know you're not the best at it, you shouldn't despair. In this post, Jim Ackney in Edmonton will give you tips on how you can stay on top of your synthetic oil replacements, so you can keep your engine in mint condition for a lot longer.

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How to Keep Up With Your Vehicle's Synthetic Motor Oil Changes

Learn More About the Consequences of Neglecting the Replacements

In some cases, it won't be that you're lazy, forgetful, or uninterested, is that you don't know more about the situation. If that's what's happening in this situation, and you simply don't know what could take place if you're neglectful with the synthetic oil changes, this first section is for you. As stated above, the oil lubricates and protects the moving components in your engine. This is important because said parts brush against each other when the engine runs. This generate heat and friction, which can waste them away and render them useless. When you neglect the changes, you're letting the oil thin out, get dirty, and become ineffective at protecting the engine. This can result in a slew of problems: from a faulty, overheated engine, to damaged components. Moreover, getting those parts fixed or replaced can be very expensive. If you keep up with the engine's needs, you'll avoid these situations.

Be Aware of When to Replace It

Now you're aware of why you should be replacing your synthetic oil with some regularity. However, are you aware of when you need to change it? If you're having trouble with this part of the equation, here are some of the signs that will tell you that some new oil is due:
  • you need to how many miles you've driven on the same oil, since there's a limit to how many it will stay good for.
  • you should also remember when you changed it last time, as you shouldn't drive on the same oil for more than a year.
  • it's important that you check the oil regularly, so you're aware of its condition (if it's not at the right level, has a darker color, and a gritty texture, it needs to go).
  • your vehicle can also tell you if it needs new oil (be it through the 'Change Oil' sign on the dashboard, or if the engine starts behaving oddly).
You may want to read your owner's manual or visit a mechanic to get more specific information on how often you should change the oil in your particular case.

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Remember to Get the Replacements Done

Finally, if what you're having trouble with is remembering the replacements need to get done, then there are ways to be reminded of them. For instance:
  • you can set an alarm on your smartphone to go off every six months to remind you to check the oil in your vehicle. Just label it correctly so you know what it's reminding you of.
  • you can have a notebook where you write down the dates of the synthetic oil replacements. Keeping track of them will allow you to go back and see when you changed it last.
  • if you share your vehicle with someone else, share the responsibility of remembering the replacements with them.
  • finally, you can sign up for a reminder service. Dealerships and auto shops can call you or notify you through an app to let you know when you're due new oil.

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