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Just because summer has passed doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy time on your boat out on the water. However, it also doesn’t mean you don’t need to concern yourself with safety.

It doesn’t matter if you’re the proud owner of a boat big enough to take your entire family and friends out on the water or just something big enough for you and a few friends to enjoy a day of fishing, safety should be at the forefront of your mind each and every time you head out on the water.

Tips to Help You Stay Safe on the Water

To help you and your passengers stay safe out on the water, below is an article from Jim Ackney with tips to follow.

If the Weather Says No, Then It’s a No

It doesn’t matter if you have been planning a friends day out, you’re celebrating an anniversary, or you just want to go out fishing for the weekend. If the weather prediction shows choppy or stormy weather is coming, then you need to replan. It’s as simple as that. This tip is important because, no matter how calm and perfect the conditions look the morning of your day out or as you are lowering your boat into the water, the tides and conditions can quickly turn and leave you and your passengers stranded or, even worse, in a dangerous situation which was entirely avoidable.

The Person in Charge

If an emergency strikes when you’re on the water, the last thing that you want is for half of your passengers on board to listen to one person and half to be listening to somebody else. Instead, as you are on your way to your destination, even if that destination is the middle of the water, decide who is going to be the person everybody listens to in an emergency. This person doesn’t have to be the person driving the boat or even the owner, it just needs to be one single person who knows how to handle water-based emergencies.

Speaking of Water-Based Emergencies

Of course, it’s difficult to predict just what might happen on the water, but there are a few common scenarios you can prepare for, such as a passenger falling overboard and in need of rescuing. The reason it’s important to speak about situations like this is that, if you don’t, you can end up with three people throwing in floatation devices which all become tangled while three other people all jump into potentially dangerous waters and attempt a group rescue. Instead, give everybody a basic lesson or even just a run-down of what to do when common events like this may happen. Click here to buy AMSOIL 10W-30 Synthetic Marine Engine Oil to help keep your boat in good shape. Whether you’ve got an outboard motor or a set of powerful engines driving your boat, they all need care and maintenance. If you aren’t sure this is the right product for your engine, speak with somebody who can help. Call Jim Ackney at (780) 476 0545 to get expert advice or even check out the online store for the full range of high-quality AMSOIL products available.

No Life Jacket - No Passenger

It’s as simple as that. If you don’t have a life jacket on board for each person getting on your boat then, unfortunately, you don’t have space for that person. Why? Because a life jacket is the single most important life-saving device you can have with you on the water. Whether it’s to keep you afloat because you accidentally went overboard or while you wait for the coast guard to come, your life jacket is the tool which can save lives. When counting your life jackets, it’s important to remember that adult and children’s life jackets are not interchangeable. You need the correct size life jacket for each person on board.

Watch Your Liquid Intake

In addition to making sure that your boat doesn’t have any leaks and you aren’t taking on any water, it’s important to watch your own intake. Of course, we are talking about alcohol. It can be easy to get carried away out on the water and drink too much, thinking that there aren’t consequences because there aren’t other boats right beside you traveling like on a road. However, if an emergency was to occur, it’s important that you are able to handle and resolve it quickly and without impairment. Whether this is stretching out your drinking over the course of the day or having a glass of water after each drink, be sure you’re in the right headspace to help if the situation calls for it.

Every Engine Can Benefit from a Synthetic Oil Change in Edmonton, AB

Of course, keeping your passengers safe on your boat means keeping your boat in good condition, including its engine. Otherwise, you could find yourselves stuck out at sea in treacherous water because of something as simple as worn out oil or a faulty part. To find out how a synthetic oil change in Edmonton, AB can work to keep your boat’s engine in good health, speak with a professional at Jim Ackney by calling (780) 476 0545. Leaders in the field of synthetic oil, trust their expert advice to find you the right product for your needs.

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