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If you are at all familiar with at-home car maintenance, then you know about checking and replacing your vehicle's fluids. One of the fluids on your list (or should be) is your transmission fluid. And while it is good to check and maintain its levels dutifully, most owners aren't aware of what it does.

Learn About Transmission Fluid

To help get you started, Jim Ackney has some information below to share which will give you a basic overview of the purpose of transmission fluid, and information on choosing the best transmission fluid for you.

What Is Transmission Fluid?

The best place to start is with a brief explanation of the role your transmission plays. Your transmission is the system which allows you to move up and down your gears while you drive. The basic job of your transmission is to control the speed and torque made available to the drive wheels. As an example, reducing the speed of the transmission gives more torque from the same level of power. If you can imagine a big metal claw lifting up from one cog and moving to the next, while all parts are spinning, then you can envision a very rudimentary diagram of how it works. To do this, metal parts need to interact (scrape, slide, and grind) with each other. As you can imagine, if left to function on its own, high levels of friction would quickly build inside the transmission system, not only reducing the performance of your car but seriously damaging the transmission system itself.. In order for your transmission to function smoothly and with minimal wear, a fluid is used to encourage smooth interaction and operation of each part. That fluid is the very same one you check as part of your regular maintenance. Your transmission fluid. When in place, transmission fluid allows each of these parts to move around each other easily and with greatly reduced friction. To a driver, this means that instead of a stiff and loud gear change, it's a smooth and quiet one. If any of your fluid levels are looking low, speak with Jim Ackney at 1(888) 476-0545 and find out which high-quality AMSOIL engine oil is suited to your vehicle. If you know which product you need and are looking for more information, check out the online store.

Why Use a Synthetic Transmission Fluid?

When cars were first produced, the transmission systems were simple and required only basic engine fluids. For a long period of time, vehicles were able to perform well with the use of conventional oil based transmission and engine fluids. However, with the advancements in automotive technology, modern cars require a bit more out of transmission fluid. Luckily, advancements in automotive fluids also occurred, bringing with it the arrival of the high-quality product used today. The arrival and needed help comes in the form of synthetic oil. You have likely seen it used by reputable mechanics for their servicing. However, synthetic based engine oils are available directly to customers and bring with them a range of benefits.
  1. Synthetic oil, as a range, has an excellent ability to maintain its engineered viscosity during a broad range of temperatures. This is thanks to purpose designed additives which are included to increase heat and cold resistance.
    • What this means to a motorist is smoother gear changes during a wide range of engine temperatures.
  2. Complete control over the engineering process allows scientists to design and precisely create a high-performance product which outperforms its conventional counterpart in every way.
  3. Overall, synthetic oil lasts longer than traditional transmission fluid. When compared to conventional oil, this extended lifespan of synthetic oil based transmission fluid translates to a reduced need for replacement.
    • What this means to a driver is a reduction in the amount of money spent over the longer term.

All Vehicles Can Benefit from a Synthetic Oil Change in Oliver

Regularly checking and maintaining your fluid levels is a great way for all drivers to help keep their vehicle running in good condition and for as long as possible. And as any experienced driver will tell you, the performance you get out of a vehicle depends on the products you put into it. For high-quality engine lubricants and motor oil products, such as transmission fluid, speak with Jim Ackney at 1 (888) 476-0545 and let a professional find the right engine oil or transmission fluid for your needs. If you already know the type of products you need and are looking for further information, check out the online store which has extended information available for all products.

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