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Learn how to tow your trailer safely over long distances with these helpful tips, along with information on the right products to keep your trailer in a safe and working condition.

How to Tow Your Trailer Safely

There are many ways to enjoy your retirement; one of them is choosing the road-trip lifestyle. Traveling from place to place, adventure to adventure, seeking out new friends and new experiences. Of course, one of the best ways to take advantage of this lifestyle is the addition of a boat. While there's no denying the types of adventures you will have on land; a boat opens up a world of possibilities when it comes to seeing a more diverse range of sights. If you are lucky enough to own a boat and are looking for tips on how to tow it safely, Jim Ackney has a post which can help.

Consider Other Road Users

The best place to start is with safety. Not your safety; The safety of other road users, such as drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians. The best place to start in this regard is with your car-to-trailer connection and your signals. Each morning before you start your drive, take some time to check the connection between your car and your trailer's indication and safety systems. Have your passenger check that your indicators, reverse, and brake lights are all fully functioning on your trailer and match those of your primary vehicle.

If You Can't See Them...

Not seeing another road user is a danger and concern for drivers hauling a boat; Especially if the boat obstructs a large amount of mirror space. To prevent changing lanes with it isn't safe to do so or hitting obstacles because of a misturn of your steering wheel, invest in good quality side mirror extensions. In addition to your regular mirrors, these sit as an extension and provide a wide-angle view of your entire haul, including the cars behind and around you. Call Jim Ackney at (780) 476-0545 to buy high-quality synthetic transmission fluid and synthetic grease for your trailer like AMSOIL's Synthetic Water Resistant Grease. Click here to visit Jim Ackley's online store to browse the range of synthetic transmission fluids available.


Although only for a short period, parts of your boat trailer will be exposed to water. Often corrosive water including debris which has collected. If left on your trailer and its bearings, even small amounts of water can lead to serious levels of corrosion and rust. As you can imagine, this can be painful when traveling constantly; having to try to find a repair place nearby in potentially remote areas.


Once you are sure that the brake lights on your trailer are working it's time to make sure that your actual brakes are working alongside them. A quick visual inspection is all that's needed to get a good indication into the quality of your brakes. If you can hear grinding or a squealing when you brake, then it's time to have them checked and replaced.

Tire Condition

It only takes a short minute to check the condition of your tires and can be the difference between a safe drive and a blowout on a freeway. Depending on how often you drive, consider an interval of every month to check the condition of your tires. If you aren't sure how good they are doing, consider this tool as a guide.

Tire Pressure

With the condition of your tires taken care of, it's time to pay attention to your tire pressure. Before you do, it's important to remember that adjusting your tire pressure doesn't just mean pumping up your tires. Consider the terrain you will be driving on and adjust your tire pressure to match. If you drive over rough terrain with too much pressure in your tires, as an example, you can expect an increase in the likelihood of getting punctures or incurring tire damage.

Buy the Right Products Synthetic Oil Change in Edmonton, AB

Towing a trailer with a boat isn't an impossible task, you just need to pay attention to your surroundings, take it slow, and follow these tips. When it comes time for boat and trailer maintenance, make sure that you are buying the best products for the job. Click here to visit Jim Ackney's online store where you can browse a range of high-quality synthetic transmission fluids and synthetic grease like AMSOIL's Synthetic Water Resistant Grease mentioned earlier in this article. If you prefer to speak with an expert directly, don't hesitate to give Jim Ackney a call at (780) 476-0545.

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