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Driving when the sunshine is intense, and the heat is extreme can put your well-being in peril. Learn how to drive safely when the conditions outside are scorching hot with this post that Jim Ackney in Edmonton has for you. 

A sunny summer day may seem like the perfect time to drive around. The sun allows you to have better visibility of the road ahead of you, and it lets other drivers notice you better, too. The roads aren't wet or snowy, meaning your tires will have a good grip and won't slip around. Plus, the sunshine may energize you and help you stay more alert behind the wheel. Nonetheless, when the temperatures get extreme, and the sunshine is scorching hot, driving can have some challenges. There's the glaring sun, skin ailments, dehydration, and heatstrokes to fight against. That's why you have to prepare well to drive safely on an extremely sunny day. For tips on the matter, continue reading the post below.

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How to Drive Safely on a Sunny Day

Keep Your Skin and Eyes Protected

Probably the most dangerous thing about driving on an extremely sunny day is that you can contract skin conditions like skin cancer. For this reason, you have to lather on sunscreen before you leave and reapply during the day. You can also use sunshades and wear sunglasses to protect your eyes.

Remain Hydrated

When it's sunny out, you sweat more, meaning you can end up dehydrated if you're not careful. That's why you have to drink enough water (and even carry a water bottle with you) during the day. If you start to feel dizzy and nauseated, go to your doctor, as these are signs of dehydration.

Keep Your Vehicle in Top Shape

If you want to drive around safely, even when the temperatures are getting higher and higher, you have to keep your vehicle in top shape. If you don't, your vehicle could overheat and shut down, which is annoying and potentially dangerous. Visit your mechanic to evaluate your vehicle's condition and help it endure the harshest temperatures.

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Clean Your Vehicle Thoroughly

Something that can affect your vehicle's performance, its maintenance, its lifespan, and its ability to withstand the extreme heat, it's how clean you keep it. If you fail to clean it, the gunk, dust, and trash can get into the vehicle's inner systems, damaging them. Keep your vehicle clean to avoid the dire consequences of filth.

Don't Fall for Road Rage

An unfortunate consequence of the higher temperatures is the higher instances of road rage. People tend to get hot and bothered when it's extremely sunny, but don't fall for it, as it can lead to accidents and mistakes. Instead, focus on keeping a calm environment inside your vehicle and letting the little things go.  

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When Possible, Avoid the Harsh Sun

Now that you know a bit more of the dangers of driving when it's extremely sunny, you should take some steps to avoid them altogether. For example, whenever you can, avoid going out when the sun is harshest (regularly, between 11 am and 6 pm). Instead, run your errands before or after that period to remain cool.

Don't Get Blinded

The sunshine can reflect on your windshield, on mirrors, other vehicles, and more, blinding you and making it harder for you to drive safely. To avoid being blinded by the glare, you should take some measures: keep your windshield clean, wear sunglasses, use sunshades and the visor to block some of the sun, and when needed, use the lines at the side of the road as reference.

Keep Your Distance

Lastly, if the glare from the sun is getting the best of you, you should keep your distance from the people, objects, vehicles, and animals around you. This way, you will have more time to react properly if the situation on the road changes rapidly, which will help you avoid an accident.

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