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Which type of motorcycle is best suited for you? To find out, learn about the most common types of street motorcycles by reading this post by Jim Ackney in Edmonton.

When it comes to street motorcycles, you can find a specific type of bike for each current riding style; for that reason, choosing a motorcycle might be challenging for new riders. So, if you are a beginner looking to buy your first two-wheeler, start by learning the most common types of street bikes available to figure out which riding style draws you the most. To help you out, this post by Jim Ackney in Edmonton has put together a guide covering the main types of motorcycles for you.

Standard Motorcycle

Standard motorcycles are also known as "naked bikes" due to their simple design. Unlike cruisers or sport bikes, this type of motorcycle doesn't include many fairings, high-tech goodies, or extra storage; however, versatility is the main advantage and purpose of standard motorbikes. You can ride them to commute, at track day events, or on short-distance trips; for that reason, any beginner can expect to build essential riding skills with a standard-type motorcycle. Furthermore, since naked bikes are intended to enjoy various riding purposes, you can find them with different engine sizes. Typically, they range between 125cc up to 1,000cc; however, if you are a new rider, you should start with a manageable motorbike; to that end, we suggest less than 600cc for your first bike.

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Cruiser Motorcycle

Also known as "choppers," these motorcycles are intended to provide enjoyment, comfort, and overall riding fun. Typically, cruisers are suitable for new riders because they deliver manageable handling, smooth power, and a comfortable riding position. However, most choppers have chrome components inside their large engine; therefore, they often require higher repair expenses than other types of bikes. Still, a cruiser motorcycle can be an excellent introduction to the pleasure of riding.

Sport Bike

This type of two-wheeler is the dream bike for anyone who loves to ride fast! Unlike the cruiser motorcycle, this riding style prioritizes speed; therefore, sport bikes typically have an aerodynamic bodywork with plastic fairings to minimize air drag. Plus, these bikes allow thrilling rides with fast acceleration, agile cornering, and sharp handling. Because of all these race-style features, sport bikes can be challenging for beginners; still, if you are deeply interested in this riding style, we suggest you get started with small displacement; in other words, an engine with less than 600cc.

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Touring Motorcycle

Traveling on a motorcycle can be an upper-level epic experience for any rider; however, not all bikes are as appropriate for travel as the touring one! Generally speaking, a touring kind of motorcycle combines comfort, high speed, and extra storage, not to mention a large fuel tank and traction control. These features make a touring bike the ideal two-wheel vehicle to travel across the country during the riding season. However, since this type of motorcycle is typically heavy and fairly large, it doesn't suit well for new riders. Still, if you want to get into this riding style, we suggest mastering essential riding skills before hopping onto a touring motorcycle.


If you're looking for a lightweight, fuel-efficient, and easy-to-handle inner-city mode of transportation, you should consider getting a scooter. Unlike other types of bikes, scooters are built to be agile, comfortable, and lightweight; therefore, they are the best option to ride in a city or in-town setting. For example, you can easily perform tight turns, ride at slow speeds, or navigate through traffic with a scooter. Needless to say, this type of motorbike is an excellent option for new riders; after all, they typically feature automatic transmission, a comfortable riding position, an easy handle, and other suitable features for beginners.

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