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Dirt bike riding is more than the adventure sport you see presented on TV and is actually a great family activity you can enjoy.

When parents think about family hobbies, field sport usually comes to mind as does going to the movies or even completing some puzzles. And while these are great family-friendly activities, they don’t involve much action, which some families, children especially, crave.

Why You Should Consider Dirt-Bike Riding

If this sounds like your family and you are looking for a social activity which gets you and your family out of the house, and even includes some exercise, Jim Ackney has prepared a post on the benefits of dirt-bike riding.

Great Family Fun!

As strange as it may sound, the most prominent benefit to dirt-bike riding is the social aspect! Sure, when you watch TV you just see solitary racers making their way around a track a number of times, but in reality, it’s very different. Actual dirt-bike tracks and fields are full of families enjoying food, drinks, listening to music, and socializing with other families and dirt-bike enthusiasts. These spaces often provide playgrounds for children who aren’t yet of the age to ride a dirt bike, along with communal cooking facilities where you can prepare some lunch while meeting others just like yourself. This is all in addition to the group rider-training sessions which you and your family can benefit from, helping you to find your way (pardon the pun) around a dirt bike and the track.

It’s a Workout

Don’t for a second think that riding on a dirt bike is an easy task. Most people think this because their experience is with road bikes, where you simply sit on the bike and let it do all the work. While riding a dirt-bike, your body is constantly in motion, exercising every part. For example, you can expect your legs to get a good workout because you will always be moving your body up and down on the bike pegs to make your way over jumps and rough terrain. Your core also gets a solid workout as you are constantly required to adjust and maintain your balance as you maneuver around the track and through tight spots. Of course, this is before your arms and shoulders even get a mention for controlling the bike! As you can see, dirt bike riding can be a great way to help keep your family active and healthy. Click here to buy 10W-40 Synthetic Dirt Bike Oil and give your bike what it needs to perform at its peak with a synthetic oil change in Edmonton, AB. A synthetic oil change is the easiest way to improve your engine performance and minimize engine damage. To find out more, speak with an expert at Jim Ackney by calling 1 (888) 476-0545 or check out the online store for the full range of AMSOIL products available.

A Lesson in Responsibility

Teaching your child to take care of their items and responsibility is important, especially at a young age. This is often done through chores which, let’s face it, aren’t the most exciting for a child. After each and every day of riding, a dirt-bike owner needs to take care of their bike, such as:
  • Washing the bike
  • Cleaning out all of the debris which has become caught in the engine and the body
  • Checking or replacing the air filter
  • Giving the bike a synthetic oil change
  • Covering it at night to protect it from the elements
This maintenance routine is crucial to ensuring the bike is ready to go the next time you want to ride and is a routine which your children can be included in. Not only will they learn about engine mechanics, but it can be a great way to teach them the importance of showing their vehicle respect and the benefits they can reap from taking care of an item they own or use.

Stress Relief

For some people, yoga is just too slow, quiet, and boring. For others, shopping just doesn’t do the trick it used to. And for many more, they need a little more mental and physical stimulation to help them forget about their daily stresses. This is where dirt-bike riding comes in. As strange as it may sound, when you’re riding a dirt bike, your mind and body need to be entirely focused on the task at hand, unless you enjoy spending time on the ground of covered in mud. For many people, dirt-bike riding provides the perfect stress relieving activity.

All Vehicles Can Benefit from a Synthetic Oil Change in Edmonton, AB

It isn’t just a dirt-bike which can benefit from a synthetic oil change in Edmonton, AB. Speak with Jim Ackney at (780) 476-0545 to find out how giving your bike, boat, lawnmower, and regular daily drive a synthetic oil change can improve performance, reduce engine wear, and extend its lifespan.

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