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ATV Size, Style and Safety

ATVs come in all different sizes from small electric quads for toddlers to large and fast ATVs for adults only. Riding ATVs for recreation is not new. In fact, Suzuki introduced the first four-wheeled ATV called the Quadrunner designed purely for recreation in the...

Ethanol and Your Bike's Engine

It is clear that E10 gasoline has a negative effect on a motorcycle’s performance, increases fuel cost, and increases maintenance expenses. Pure regular gasoline at the pump is getting harder and harder to find, leaving motorcycle riders increasingly stuck with...

Before Launching Checklist

Taking out onto the lake with the family is thrilling, quality time at it's best. First, take a moment to review your boat checklist for everyone's safety and your boat's protection.

Tools and Spares

Carry a basic toolbox with tools appropriate for your boat. Carry a...

Help Your Engine Perform Better With Synthetic Oil

If you grew up watching your parents fix their cars, then it's likely the only engine oil that you know is conventional oil. In this post, Jim Ackney AMSOIL has some advantages to using synthetic oil to share with you to help improve your engine...
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Fuel Filter Ratings for your Motorcycle

A proper fuel filter will keep your engine clean without restricting fuel flow. With so many specs on fuel filters, how do you choose between them? This article is a primer on fuel filter ratings and what they mean for your motorcycle.

What is Micron...

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