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Transmission Fluids

Complex Transmissions Require Premium Fluids

The complexity of today’s automatic transmissions can baffle even seasoned technicians. Modern transmissions feature more gears, clutch packs and narrow oil passageways that require a steady supply of high-quality fluid. Without it, performance suffers and failure can ensue, leading to thousands of dollars in repairs.

To make matters worse, towing and hauling capacities continue to increase despite transmissions often using less fluid than their predecessors. Maximizing transmission performance and longevity requires using premium synthetic fluids.

“The fluid doesn’t just lubricate, it acts as a hydraulic fluid to enable shifting,” said Matt Erickson, AMSOIL Product Manager, Passenger Car. “Fluids that oxidize can result in damaging sludge that clogs fluid passages and results in poor performance. Transmission fluid is also exposed to high levels of shearing as it is forced between gear teeth. This can quickly break down an inferior fluid, causing viscosity loss and reduced wear protection.”

AMSOIL formulates a full line of synthetic automatic transmission fluids that meet the stringent demands of today’s transmissions, helping you get the most out of your vehicle. Go ahead and take a look at  AMSOIL products, specifically designed for all types of vehicles.

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Signature Series

A fuel efficient automatic transmission fluid recommended for GM, Ford and Toyota transmissions where lighter viscosity oil is required. Provides the same excellent protection and performance as AMSOIL Signature Series Multi-Vehicle ATF.

AMSOIL Signature Series Multi-Vehicle Synthetic ATF is engineered to outperform conventional automatic transmission fluids and exceed the performance requirements of most North American, European and Asian vehicles. This sophisticated formulation provides outstanding performance and protection in the severe operating conditions of today’s most advanced transmission designs.
OE Multi-Vehicle

AMSOIL OE Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid provides passenger-car/light-truck transmissions excellent wear protection, sludge resistance and extreme-temperature performance throughout original equipment manufacturer (OEM)-recommended drain intervals.

CVT Fluid

CVTs require a unique transmission fluid with specialized frictional characteristics designed to ensure the belt or chain remains in contact with the pulleys without slipping. AMSOIL Synthetic CVT Fluid provides outstanding metal-to-metal frictional properties and excellent protection and performance for CVTs throughout vehicle manufacturer-recommended drain intervals.


Engineered for outstanding performance in heavy-duty transmissions manufactured by Allison, Voith, ZF and other heavy-duty transmissions. Excellent protection in temperature extremes. Ensures consistent, smooth clutch engagement over the life of the fluid and controls clutch glazing and elongated shift times.