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Diesel cars have become popular among drivers due to their efficiency, longevity, and cost-effectiveness. Learn more about diesel car maintenance in this post by AMSOIL: Jim Ackney in Edmonton

Regular maintenance ensures your vehicle stays in top shape for years to come. Many essential tasks...
Learning to drive can be both exciting and terrifying for a teen driver. If you want to help your child become a safe and attentive driver, follow the tips gathered in this post by Jim Ackney in Edmonton.

If you raise teens, chances are they'll soon be ready to get their driver's permit or...
The start of the new year is the best time to review which bad driving habits you should leave behind! To that end, keep reading this post by Jim Ackney in Edmonton.

Happy 2023! As always, the start of a new year brings us a sense of motivation to be and do better. For most, that usually means...
As much fun as it is to take the little ones along for the ride, driving with kids is a big responsibility. Keep reading this post by Jim Ackney in Edmonton for tips on how to have safer trips with your children.

As a parent, you know how important it is to keep your little ones happy and...
Driving at night involves risks associated with reduced visibility and drowsiness. Keep reading this post by Jim Ackney in Edmonton for tips on how to safely tackle the roads at night.

Do you enjoy driving at night? Some drivers like to take relaxing rides after sunset when the streets and...
If you're ready to buy a vehicle, you may want to learn about the most common car body types to choose the right car model. If you are interested in this topic, continue reading this post by Jim Ackney in Edmonton.

Have you decided to buy a vehicle? There's no denying that looking for a car is...
Learning to perform DIY vehicle maintenance tasks can help you save time and money. Learn more about this topic by reading this post by Jim Ackney in Edmonton.

Getting involved in your car's maintenance can seem intimidating if you don't have mechanical skills. Yet, you can always find simple...
Are you planning to take your dog on a road trip? If so, keep reading this post by Jim Ackney in Edmonton for some tips on driving with a pet safely.

Summer is undoubtedly the best time to hop in your car and embark on a road trip anywhere you want. Maybe you want to drive along the Sea-to-Sky...
Neglecting an overheated engine can cause irreversible damage to your car. Keep reading this post by Jim Ackney in Edmonton to learn about the warning signs and steps to take if your engine overheats.

Engine overheating is one of the most common concerns among drivers as it can cause costly...
Are you planning to take a road trip soon? If so, be sure to bring the items listed in this post by Jim Ackney in Edmonton to ensure your safety on the road.

Summer is approaching; hence, it's time to get off the routine and go on a road trip! Of course, it's essential to visit your mechanic...

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